Lease A Used Car In New York

Lease A Used Car In New York

Used-car leasing is one of the best ways to save a ton of money on your next vehicle. Why is it so hard to find dealerships in New York that lease used cars? Because not all dealerships care about their customers like we do. In all honesty, nearly all new car dealerships just want to sell and lease new cars. Understandable. But that puts many customers in a potential bind. South Shore CDJR wants to keep you moving no matter what you drive, and we've got the financial muscle to make it happen. Read more about how you can take advantage of our used-car leasing program below, or click on our bad-credit car-leasing page to get more information on our subprime lending.

Want a Used-Car Lease? Read On!

If you've found this page about used-car leasing, you're probably trying to figure out if it's really possible to lease a used car. It absolutely is, and you can do it right here at South Shore CDJR. We'll outline how it works below:

  • Select your favorite vehicle from our used-car leasing inventory.
  • Swing by, call, or drop us an email to let us know.
  • We'll build a lease around your desired mileage and terms.
  • We'll connect you with a lender that best optimizes your deal.

A pre-owned-car lease works the same way as a new-car lease. You'll have to fill out a credit application, you'll need to specify your terms & mileage, and you'll be ready to roll.

What's the benefit of used-car leasing?

Massive savings. Any used car has already seen its initial price drop from the original MSRP. And in a sense, the older the vehicle is, the bigger the potential savings because of depreciation over time.

Can you lease a used car?

You bet. But you've got to lease a used car from us. We're set up to be straightforward in our approach and have the lenders ready to make it happen.

What are the terms of a used-car lease?

Since every used car is different, every used-car lease will be different, too. Like a new-car lease, you'll still need to tell us what mileage you need and how long you need it for, as well as what you'd like to put as a down payment, etc.

Do I Get a Warranty With Used-Car Leasing in Long Island?

Great question. In this section, we'll outline some of the warranty types you might find with any of our used cars for lease:

  • Remaining New Car Warranty - Used-car leasing often applies to courtesy vehicles or manager demos. If you score one of those, then you'll enjoy the balance of the new car warranty.

  • Certified Warranty - If you can lease a used car with a certified pre-owned warranty, then all the benefits of that program will apply to you.

  • Aftermarket Warranty - Let's say you want a used-car lease on a vehicle that has no remaining warranty left on it. Our finance team can still get you hooked up with aftermarket coverage, in addition to service contracts. The final cost will vary based on the vehicle, age, desired coverages, etc. So if you need a warranty in this case, please ask!

Used-Car Leasing in Inwood Just Got Easy

Used-car leasing is one of our specialties. As we mentioned before, a lot of dealerships will run away from leasing used cars. Why? It takes extra work, and the money isn't as good as a new-car lease or used-car sale. But that's what separates us from the "other dealerships." Our bottom line is the ability to keep our fellow New Yorkers going no matter what. We use our clout in the industry and leverage our business with the banks to make this program available to you. Let us know which vehicle you love the most. And let's get it in your driveway!

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