Factory Order Your Next Car In New York


Get your factory order car from South Shore CDJR built exactly how you want it. All the colors. All the features. None of the fluff (or all of it if that's more your style). This page will cover some of the key details you'll need to know to get your factory order car in the works. Maybe shop our new Ram inventory for a little inspiration or keep scrolling for details on the brand that matters most to you.

Why South Shore CDJR

Drivers love our Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM dealer in New York because of our lifetime vehicle warranty benefits and complimentary oil change opportunities. Also, because we try to give you more perks and benefits through our Better Alternative.

Here's why you always get more at South Shore:

  • We'll come to you
  • Lifetime NYS inspection
  • Complimentary shuttle service
  • Loaner cars
  • KBB buying center
  • Community partner
  • Commercial/business link
  • …and more!

We take pride in being an employer in the area and a community partner. When you support our dealership, we're able to give back to the community that's helped our dealership thrive and grow.

When you're looking for a Better Alternative at South Shore Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM near Long Island, get in touch with our team to learn more. Our team can tell you about how to get free oil changes.

Custom Order Your Vehicle

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Why Your Custom Order Car Is Better Than Inventory

You're probably wondering about time, costs, and convenience. Maybe you think a factory order car costs more, will take longer to show up, and will feel like you're chasing a unicorn. Wrong on all counts! This section debunks all myths associated with a custom order. So without further ado, here are our top reasons why a special order vehicle is better:

Reason #3: Never Settle. This Is Your Vehicle.

Maybe in recent years, you've gone to the dealer and gotten close to the vehicle of your dreams. All the features… but the wrong color. Maybe you found one that's the right color, it had almost all the features, but those missing heated seats drove you crazy. It was almost enough to make you hate that car. With any custom Jeep® factory order, you can finally get the vehicle of your dreams with everything you need and want and nothing that you don't. Make it down the page for the biggest shocker of all.


Reason #2: A Factory Order Car Comes In Faster.

Chip shortage, schmip shortage. Maybe the perfect work truck isn't on the lot today. But that's likely due to inventory creation vs. helping out an already happy customer. Wanna know how to beat the system? The Ram factory order program scoots all "sold" orders to the front of the line. This means that your special order CDJR vehicle gets made faster than general inventory. In other words, all those hidden chips get used on vehicles with a customer waiting, as opposed to being used in a vehicle that the brand hopes someone will buy in 30 days.

Reason #1: A Factory Order Car Often Beats Dealer Installed Options.

Have you ever built a new house? Renovated a resale? Same idea here. Installing a custom kitchen in a new house is often way more cost-effective than in a resale home. Less work is involved because the house is built from the ground up. It's the same thing with a car. So go ahead and trick out that Dodge factory order and get a custom-built Dodge Challenger with features that might not even be available once it's in the store. This saves you on costs and stress. Just like with a house.

Speaking of tricked-out custom Dodge vehicles, you might love reading our Dodge Durango Hellcat specs page just to see how far you can take things. And the best part? All those custom colors, features, and powertrain options are yours to configure exactly as you want them.

Your Factory Order Car Is Waiting

There's never been a better time to get a factory order car in Inwood, NY. The factory is paying attention to all paying customers first. So your vehicle gets all the attention and should arrive on our lot faster than typical inventory production (which usually takes about four to six weeks). So if a Chrysler Pacifica that you've considered for your family has fallen short, your custom Chrysler factory order will show up faster than dealer unit replenishment.


Now, if you don't want to wait, we get it. We've done everything possible to bring you the most diverse new Jeep® selection around. If you've thought it up, it's probably here. If the wheels and tires aren't what you hoped for, we can upfit and customize your Jeep® vehicle right here. If it's something really specific that we can't get around (usually involving software and modules), then we can get your factory order car on the assembly line and in your hands before you know it. Decisions, decisions.

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