There may be more ways than you think to get yourself behind the wheel of a new car. We have lease deals for a wide range of models in our new Jeep® inventory, including Jeep® lease deals, in Long Island, NY.

We understand leasing or buying a new or used car is a large investment. You've dedicated your time, research, and money towards your new ride. It's our pleasure to make sure you get everything you've put in and more when you take the wheel for the first time. Buying or leasing a car is much more than having a new toy in your garage and very different from something else you put time and money into. You're going to depend on your car each and every day to get you through whatever life has in store. It's what's going to take you and your friends on breathtaking trips towards awe-inspiring sights and keep your loved ones safe on the way home from anywhere. It gets the kids to school and makes sure you're where you need to be on time. It needs to be able to get the job done daily, whatever that job may be today.

As proud members of our local New York community, we're proud to have several CDJR specials & offers available for our neighbors. Whether you're looking for Chrysler lease deals, Dodge lease deals, or financing plans for Ram or Jeep® vehicles, we have it all.

Transactions Built by Trust

A car lease is much more than the bare bones of a down payment, APR, principal, and lease term. It's a plan for you and your car and an ongoing relationship between you and us. That's why our financial services team values earning, keeping, and appreciating your trust throughout your lease term. It's why we prioritize clarity in every transaction, making sure you feel supported and informed at each step of our hassle-free process. It's about giving you the freedom to make decisions based on your needs and priorities and using our expertise and automotive acumen to find a car that suits those desires specifically.

A wonderful part of being the complete dealership we are is having the answers to questions that span many makes and models. The same staff members that know every element of Ram lease deals can direct you towards used Jeep® cars for sale and introduce you to a couple of models that might have similar space to the Ram vehicle you were just looking at. Our knowledge spans the industry, and we love answering questions. It doesn't matter if you've zeroed in on a specific model and want to know if it can haul the boat you already have or are starting from scratch; we're ready to help you finish your journey home in a car you love.

Special Neighbors, Special Offers

Our staff is fortified by super smart and easygoing car experts that drive around the same streets you do. They know the challenges of a Long Island winter and how our particular coastal conditions affect certain vehicles. Sure, you can type your nagging car problem into your preferred search engine and have at it yourself, but why not take advantage of somebody who "speaks cars" fluently? We're proud to be neighbors serving neighbors when it comes to Jeep® lease deals, buying a new car, or servicing your vehicle. Wherever you're at in your current car's lifetime, we're there for you. You'll feel that as soon as you walk through our doors. We can't wait to meet you!