Rocky Ridge Trucks in Long Island, NY

The Road Less Travelled Isn't for Everyone. It's for You

Looking for a little something that not only breaks the mold but smashes it into oblivion? Rocky Ridge Trucks are going to do just that. A truck from Rocky Ridge is hand-crafted, with a high level of attention to detail and performance, which gives you the distinction you need. From hard-working people making a statement with their ride to A-level personalities who demand the high levels of quality, you are about to join the ranks of an exclusive roster who drive trucks built just for them. Built for the bold. Built for you.

Rocky Ridge Ram Trucks, Declassified

Rocky Ridge Trucks have been customizing trucks for over 30 years, right in the heart of America's truck country. This means that they know what a truck is, what they're used for, and what a truck should be. Most importantly though, they know what it takes to make any Ram truck as amazing as it can be. Each unique Rocky Ridge Truck is the result of pure inspiration that comes from using proprietary equipment, developed and designed for its application. That's a fancy way of saying your truck is going to be purpose-built, unique from anything else out there. What makes it even better, is that any Rocky Ridge Truck is going to be factory warranty compliant. Rocky Ridge equipment is at the level even an OEM will honor. The second you make a modification to any vehicle, with any product, the factory warranty goes out the window. That's not the case here. Let's see what you get with the Rocky Ridge package:
  • 6" Rocky Ridge Suspension System
  • 20" Rocky Ridge Wheels
  • 35" BF Goodrich AT KO2 Tires
  • Rocky Ridge Caliper Covers
  • Rocky Ridge Speedometer Calibration
  • Rocky Ridge Speedometer Gauges
  • Color-Matched Smooth Fender Flares
  • Black Oval Wheel-To-Wheel Side Steps
  • Performance Exhaust Upgrade
  • K2 Grille Replacement
  • Rocky Ridge Center Console Lock Box
  • Rocky Ridge Exterior Badging
  • Rocky Ridge Windshield Banner
  • Rocky Ridge Custom Headrests
  • FMVSS Compliant
Rocky Ridge RAM TrucksRAM Rocky Ridge

Built for Battle in Brooklyn and Beyond

South Shore CDJR is proud to bring the five boroughs their first taste of Rocky Ridge Trucks. No matter where you are in New York, the Rocky Ridge lineup can handle anything you want to throw at them. For instance, the custom 6" suspension is begging you to take on the mean streets of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and beyond. Tired of not being able to see over traffic? Bottomless pot-holes swallowing your current car whole? We've got you covered. We're convinced it's going to be love at first sight. If you've got other pursuits in mind, like having a distinctive vacation weapon, these trucks will take you upstate, to the tip of Long Island. For a change of scenery, grab any model from the Rocky Ridge lineup and cross country with enough gear, comfort, and connected technology to keep everyone happy.

South Shore CDJR Makes Ownership Easy

We know you want one. That's why we have 'em here. We are proud to take our inventory, including Ram trucks, and make them even better with the Rocky Ridge package. While these trucks are built to last, they rarely last long on our lot. They're produced in extremely limited quantities, so the second you see your favorite one, reach out and contact one of our Rocky Ridge truck specialists so they can begin making it yours. Speed things up by submitting our secure online credit application. With a pre-approval in place, you're as good as a car-wash away from having your truck ready to take home. As we said earlier, the Rocky Ridge Truck isn't for everyone. If you want the original classic, we've got plenty of Ram 1500 lease deals to get you behind the wheel of the essential legend. For those of you looking for something else entirely, well, we already know what you're thinking. See you soon.

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