Lifetime Warranty On All Used-Car Purchases


South Shore CDJR is thrilled to announce that every used car for sale gets a South Shore Lifetime Powertrain Warranty at no extra cost to you. Every car. Yup, even that 20-year-old unit with tons of miles. What's the catch? There isn't one. We've got New York's back, and our actions speak louder than words. Keep reading to learn a little more about how fantastic this program is.

South Shore Lifetime Powertrain Warranty Details

Buying a used vehicle can be tough. Especially around here. Did the previous owner really take care of it? Did they play target practice with all the potholes on the Belt Parkway? We know the deal. We inspect, service, and roll in a South Shore Lifetime Powertrain Warranty into every used vehicle that we sell. Sure, we don't have to. It costs us extra to do it. But we do it so that you can finally say that you know a dealership that really cares about its customers. Here's a little more about our South Shore Lifetime Powertrain Warranty details:

  • Enjoy $0 deductible.
  • Enjoy no mileage limits.
  • Enjoy no time restrictions (hit the gym and live as long as you can!).
  • Enjoy worry-free driving with your entire powertrain covered.

What Does the South Shore Lifetime Powertrain Warranty Mean for Me?

It means that you can finally buy a used vehicle with the confidence she'll go the distance. We'll cover your engine, transmission, and drivetrain. If you're thinking about buying a used car, truck, or SUV from anywhere else, think again! You could spend thousands of dollars to get the kind of coverage that we include for your peace of mind. Shop at South Shore CDJR. It's used cars. But better.