Get 2022 Wagoneer Lease Deals In New York

2022 Wagoneer

$929/MonthFor 39 months
$2,995Due at signing
Tax, title and license extra. Expires:11/30/2022*Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Based on example Stock#22J0101 with MSRP of $80,635. Residual of $49,993.70 $2,995 down payment. $929 Per month and $995 Bank Fee due at signing. Tax, title, & license extra. Lessee pays for excess wear and mileage of $.25/mile for each mile over 7,500 miles per year. Dealer's actual terms may vary. No security deposit required. No two offers can be combined. Offer subject to Tier 1 credit approval and include all Factory rebates and incentives. See dealer for complete details. Offer expires 11.30.2022.

The 2022 Wagoneer model is here and in stock at South Shore CDJR. If you're shopping for a new SUV, we hope to be your first choice for 2022 Wagoneer lease deals. The 2022 models arrive in exciting trim styles, which you can compare at our dealership.

Both vehicles promote the pinnacle of design, style, craftsmanship, and engineering. When you want to elevate your next family road trip, slide into the sophisticated cabin of a new 2022 Wagoneer model for sale.

Should I Lease or Buy?

The ultimate question about obtaining a new car is: Do you buy or lease? While there are valid reasons that a person might want to embark on either journey, we're going to tell you some of the benefits that you'll get if you take advantage of our 2022 Wagoneer lease offers.

For starters, a lease is usually more flexible than financing. It depends on many factors that can often be tailored to your driving needs, such as how many miles you typically drive in a year or what your financial situation is. There are different mileage packages and payment options that we can offer, so there is a much better likelihood that you'll end up with a lease agreement that is perfect for you.

When you get a 2022 Wagoneer lease, you also don't have to worry about depreciation. When you buy a new car outright, a lot of its value decreases the moment you drive it off the lot. But with a lease, the depreciation is factored into the monthly payment.

Wagoneer Lease Specials

While we're on the topic of value, you may or may not know that the monthly cost of leasing a vehicle is often lower than the monthly cost of financing. Plus, you have the opportunity to hop into a newer model in a couple of years after your lease agreement is over. This way, you can always experience the latest and greatest that this brand has to offer.

You'll often see the 2022 Wagoneer model considered as an SUV, but many people are simply going with the term utility vehicle, or UV, given this vehicle's ostensible luxury status. Getting a 2022 Wagoneer lease takes on another benefit: getting a luxury utility vehicle without paying hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Competition

Compared to the competition, however, these vehicles have consistently out-performed when it comes to off-roading. If you get a 2022 Wagoneer lease with the expectation that you'll be able to handle conditions that aren't confined to the most beautiful, clear, sunny days, then you'll likely be very impressed with the Wagoneer model as opposed to other brands that don't have quite as impressive a reputation as the brand does with off-roading and handling.

Lease a Wagoneer Model With Us

We invite you to call us and schedule a test drive in one of our 2022 Wagoneer lease specials. You can get a head start on discovering your lease deal by applying for financing over the phone when you book your tour.