Authorized Lease Car Returns in Long Island

Authorized Car Lease Returns Long Island, NY

Hooray! It's lease-return time, and South Shore Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram is here to make things easy. We've got a tried and true process for easy lease returns, and we've put together this handy page that covers everything you need to know, what to do, and where to go now that it's time to return your lease. We are your authorized lease return center for your CDJR vehicle. Don't get caught up in any snags taking your car anywhere else!

Lease Car Returns Made Easy at South Shore CDJR

Maybe your lease was extended, and you know the last month is up. Perhaps you've gotten the lease-expiry letter from CDJR. Maybe you've driven more than your lease was contracted for and are looking to get out before going way over the miles. Whatever the case is, we are here to help with any of your early lease returns scenarios. In general, the process of returning a lease is simple. You come in, we take a look at the vehicle and record mileage (even if the car has been pre-inspected), you sign off on that document, and that's that. All-in-all, you're here for 10 minutes, and it's over. The following set of questions and answers will outline the process.

How do lease returns work?

This may sound silly, but make sure you look through your vehicle for any personal belongings! Once you've done that, just come on by, ask for a lease return specialist when you are at reception, and you're as good as done. We will perform a lease return inspection, collect some basic information, keys, owners manual, mileage, and signature on the odometer statement, and you're on your way!

How do I pay over mileage fees, or wear and tear fees for my lease return?

At the time of your signing, the over mileage fee was predetermined per mile. Depending on your lease terms, wear and tear may have a minor waiver, or if you purchased a warranty of some kind to protect against excess wear and tear, we would need to review it with you. In general, the total amount owed, if anything, is payable to the lending institution for the lease.

Can I return my lease from another dealer to South Shore CDJR?

Yes! As long as you drive a CDJR vehicle, you can bring it in to us, no matter where you got it.

Can I return another brand of vehicle to you at my lease end?

Yes and no. If you drive another brand vehicle and get into a new CDJR vehicle, you may be eligible to ground your lease here with us (make sure to review your lease terms with your CDJR sales associate). Depending on how many months are left on your non-CDJR vehicle, we may be able to offer you a trade-in value for your lease-return car, against whatever new CDJR vehicle you are taking from us. That said, we are only an authorized CDJR retailer, and cannot openly accept lease returns of off-brand vehicles (unless, as we have said, those terms are worked into a new CDJR lease or purchase).

Can I turn in my lease early for another lease?

Yes! This is called a pull-ahead program, and those terms were outlined in your current lease at the time of signing. With CDJR, the term is usually 90 days remaining on your current lease; however, through our Allegiance and Loyalty programs, you may be able to get out of your current lease even earlier, depending on how your new deal would be structured.

What happens at the end of a lease?

When your current lease expires, you can lease a new vehicle, buy a new vehicle, or close your account altogether once the dealer disposition fee, mileage fees, and wear & tear fees are assessed. The CDJR brand lineup has very attractive loyalty programs, and it is always to your benefit to reap the rewards of every incentive you've earned and deserve.

South Shore CDJR Is Your Lease Return Center and New Vehicle Center

We are your one-stop shop for Chrysler lease returns, Dodge lease returns, Jeep lease returns, and Ram lease returns. But it doesn't have to stop there! Have you considered what vehicle is next? Apply your loyalty benefits and check out our latest new car lease deals, including Ram lease dealsDurango lease deals, and Cherokee lease deals. These are incredibly popular vehicles and are perfect for you to enjoy everything that your Long Island lifestyle has to offer! That said, we have used car specials, too, so don't forget to check out our used Ram trucks in Long Island!

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